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 Ninja Guide

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PostSubject: Ninja Guide   Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:08 am

So you want to raise through all the belts and defeat the Sensei for a ninja suit? Alright, here’s the best way to do it.

Edit: The ninja mask is NON MEMBER, the ninja suit is member only (and the rest of the catalog).

How to play:

Go to the Sensei on the far right of the dojo and pick up your starter deck.
Play on a mat or return to the Sensei to play competition mode (competition mode earns more experience for belts).
When you face another player, you have cards of water, fire, and ice. All cards are also labeled with a color and a number.
Here is the card tutorial:
Water burns out (beats) fire.
Fire melts (beats) ice.
Ice freezes (beats) water.
If two cards are the same element (water, fire, or ice) then the highest number wins.
If the card played last was a 10 with a symbol outlining it, or if you see a sign similar to a recycle sign with a 9 and 1 on it, then the next turn the lowest number wins when both elements are the same.
5. To win, you have to have won a battle for 1 fire, 1 water, and 1 ice, and the card you used to win the battle has to be a different color than the other elements.

Example: You win a dual using a purple fire. You already won 2 using a blue water and a red ice. This gives you wins in all elements of different colors, you win the match!

6. You can also win by matching the same element 3 times in all different colors.

Example: You have won duals with a yellow fire, a blue fire, and a purple fire. You have won 3 fires of different colors, you win the game!

Getting Into Servers

Are the American servers too full or laggy for you to train in? Well, the best thing to do is choose, “Languages” and pick Portuguese. The Portuguese servers are usually not nearly as full, and you can always bring your belts back to America.


On Club Penguin, there is a multitude of belts to earn, just like ti-quin-do or karate. However, some of the take a long time and a lot of games of nin-jitsu to advance.

White belt - 5-7 wins

Yellow belt - Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange belt - Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green belt - Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue belt - Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red belt - Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple belt - Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown belt - Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black belt - Estimated 15-20 more wins.

These are just best guesses. These apply only in competition mode. The time the match lasts, how strongly you beat your opponent, and what belt or experience your opponent has is also a factor.

How To Beat Sensei

To beat the Sensei, you may think it is hopeless. He’s always one step ahead.

It’s just like any other belt, you just have to keep facing him, and losing, until he messes up. Once he messes up, you can destroy him and get special access to the ninja room. It will probably take 5 to 10 tries.

Click here to view the ninja catalog.

Ninja Abilities

When you are in the ninja suit, you can go to face items to put on the mask.

If you dance with the ninja suite and nothing else on besides ninja mask, you will turn transparent!
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Ninja Guide
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